Sixth Form Funding & Funding Data Master Classes, 2024

The last two academic years have seen the roll out of changes to a number of parts of the sixth form funding model, including new reporting requirements.
To explain the changes, and the effective data management of them, our highly regarded Sixth Form Funding & Funding Data Masterclass will now run as half-day online sessions three times annually. 

The Masterclass programme is designed to give you a comprehensive insight – and multiple tips for maximising the funding your centre is entitled to.

Part 1: Understanding & Maximising Your Sixth Form’s Funding

  • How the funding will work and has changed for 2023-24. Including the new learning hours requirements, new funding rates and programme weighting reform.
  • How your curriculum, intake, retention, learner age and re-takes impact funding.
  • Sixth-form/sixth form class sizes and issues of viability.
  • Premiums in the funding: Disadvantage, ALS, the Retention Factor, Large Programme funding top-up.
  • Penalties in the funding: post-Census recruits, Level 2 Conditionality, the Retention Rate.
  • Embracing the super flexible funding options for both qualification and non-qualification activity.
    Funding for technical routes; programme weighting and premium funded courses.

Part 2: Optimise Your Sixth Form Funding Claim

  • A complementary  analysis of your last four years of sixth form funding data will be provided
  • How the sixth form data you present to the ESFA acts as your invoice.
  • Where and how up to 50% of sixth forms under-claim or lose funding annually.
  • Planning and recording qualification and non-qualification activity.
  • Accurately recording in-year changes and maximising retention.
  • What to do if my data or funding is wrong: business appeal cases.
  • Suitable for:
    Head Teachers/Principals and SLT: Strategic overview of policy and funding horizon for 2023/4.
    Head of Sixth: Confidence that your curriculum, structure, recruitment and retention are funding compliant
    Bursar/Business Manager: Confidence that, operationally, your centre is earning and claiming accurate and optimum funding
    Data/Exams Officer: Confidence that your October return and funding related data in the Census is accurate and ESFA compliant.
    (Traditionally a management and data colleague will attend)

    “Guys – just a short note to say thank you for the training session in Leeds. My post event follow-up has unearthed £67,886 of data errors we have now cracked!” Business Manager

    “Basically, we didn’t know what we were doing – and we must of lost thousands because of it. This course massively brought that home and changed the whole way we ran our sixth form.” Assistant Headteacher – Head of Sixth Form

    “By some distance, the best funding training I have ever been on.” Headteacher

Dates & Times

– April 26th is FULLY BOOKED. Next sessions: Friday 5 July 2024
– Location: Online *LIMITED PLACES*
AM session – 9.30-12.00
PM session- 1.00-3.30
Cost £189 + VAT
10% discount for two bookings from the same institution
20% discount for two + bookings from the same institution
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