Mocks & Monitoring Reporting

All schools have a mechanism for assessing progress against target grades and internal benchmarks.

You can now enhance your internal analysis by benchmarking your internal data against the full national data sets using our model – instantly.

That will generate a comprehensive performance profile and show you what your year end outcomes will look like if your learners achieve their mock/monitoring grades.

You can use this to identify underperformance and significant trends at School, Student & Subject level vis-a-vis the national data.

Full-year partner schools can access our Mocks and Monitoring analysis facility at no extra charge.

Other schools can subscribe to mocks and monitoring reporting capability, pro-rata, at any time of the year.

To cater for different approaches in schools and colleges, we have created 3 ways of collating your data with templates available.

*New L3 Reporting features* 

Our new reporting format has three distinct reporting sections: School – Students – Subjects.

We are including a number of these new features in the mocks and monitoring model. They are:

    1. An overall student progress summary so progress on all of student’s subjects can be viewed to identify areas of concern: See example here
    2. Subject student progress summaries to allow analysis at department level.
    3. Linear A and AS courses as well as modular.
    4. High Grades / Gifted & Talented as an additional analysis option.
    5. Comparative Progress Measures for the Qualification Analysis. This is a research project using the latest DfE L3VA baselines; but without applying statistical corrections.

For more information or to triall your data, please email [email protected]