Bring your DfE L3VA file to life – Including interactive subject pages!

Drawing upon our national research, the validated final results analysis for your centres are a unique summary based on the data recorded for each centre in the National Pupil Dataset (NPD), Department for Education (DfE) Level 3 Value Added analysis, Performance Tables and other government data calculations.

It is the only validated report based on full national data sets and designed to match the new DfE use of post-16 data and measures.

Comparative measures are provided vis-à-vis mainstream (state funded) academies, schools and colleges using the complete national dataset and benchmarks. This provides comparison with the validated DfE reports and analysis for 2018-19 Level 3 results, including trend information from previous years.

The summary provides an overall analysis and individual subject reports for Level 3 outcomes. It will allow you to see a detailed overview of your provision for 2018/19 and also provides an analysis of each subject. The report provides a structure that is easily readable through both tabular and graphical presentation.

Our aim is to make the summary accessible to a wide range of audiences and facilitate positive and effective discussion, identifying strengths and areas for development. The intention in our work is that the data is seen as providing a key perspective on performance to support development, avoiding any complexity in interpreting the figures. This, along with the information available within each academy, can then be used to inform and promote a positive approach to change where it is necessary.

The overall analysis has six key elements:

  • Comparison of key DfE measures with national outcomes for mainstream academies, schools and colleges
  • Analysis for three age bands: Years 12, 13 and 14
  • Academic and vocational course and entry volumes
  • Entry and Achievement measures including value added for subjects
  • Retention during the KS5 programme (using software we provide)
  • A subject sector analysis

The individual subject reports include:

    • Entry completions
    • Achievement measure
    • Value added outcomes

Charting of student outcomes compared with national values

We also provide an interactive version of the main subject charts where you can click on, or hover over, the points on the charts to identify student names.

Nicknamed ‘the Ofsted report’ by partner school, the data used is the validated amended data as deployed by DfE/Ofsted through to February 2019. They are a must read in the event of an Ofsted as they develop a more sophisticated analysis of the same data.