2022/23 Oxford Analytics Full Year Package – explanation

Recognising Changing needs

Our Level 3 package includes a wide range of resources and we continually develop them to meet the needs of post-16 providers.   For 2022/23, the key resources we can offer you, to help with target setting processes, benchmark and assessment point reporting as well as comparing the progress of individual students through a number of assessment points, include:

1. Minimum Grade Generator – Provides the minimum grade that would be as close as possible to 0 VA score for A level, AS Level and the most common vocationally-based courses based on national VA data. It uses the published national data from the latest 3 years and bases the grade on the higher value achieved.  Each subject is individually assessed, not considered as a single qualification group.

2. Grade Outcomes charts show the latest available distribution of grades within GCSE point bands for most L3 courses. Designed to assist with discussions with students, to show transparency for departments in terms of expectation and has been used for comparative monitoring by a department. Sample available on request.

Both of the resources above contribute to our support for intelligent target setting, providing a realistic and transparent basis for the process.

3. Results Day Reporting is available from Results Day.  You can upload your centre’s results using the EDI files and an additional master for vocational subjects and have a comprehensive report within minutes of the data being accepted.  We believe this to be the fastest service available for analysing results on Results Day.

4. Mock and Monitoring Reports which provide a comprehensive analysis at school, qualification, subject and student levels.  They provide an analysis of ‘working at’, mock and internal assessment cycle results.  All comparisons use the latest national baselines to give a report directly comparable with the latest DfE amended releases and are produced in less than a minute – includes a complete report,  separate subject reports, interactive html progress charts for each subject and a datafile. There is no limit to, or extra charges for, the number of reports you run within the year as part of the annual contract.

5. *New* Amalgamation Report – this allows you to load results from a number of assessment cycles to provide grade and VA comparisons of ‘working at’ grades and produces an average grade and VA from the data.  Developed specifically for this year’s grade award decisions, but will continue into next year.  If standardised assessments are required from Awarding Bodies, their grade results can also be included using our results master. Again unlimited runs included.

6. *New* EXTENDED Amalgamation Reporting – We are extending this model to provide two further report options – a report that will allow centres to compare their headline measures for 2019(DfE reporting) alongside 2021 and 2022 school-based results and one that will allow Academy Groups to compare 2022 results side by side.

7. Interactive Charts.  We are including the interactive reporting for this year as part of the full package. This is normally a separate package, but as there is no national data for 2020 or 2021 results, this is the most comprehensive analysis available of your 2019 results – the latest produced by DfE.  It allows you to carry out detailed analysis of your performance and to compare your results with the published data for any other post-16 provider who has data in the Performance Tables. It also provides historic comparisons for your school.

8. Final Research Reports. For each centre included in the 2019 DfE tables, we provide a detailed summary of the published national results and headlines. Final reports are produced from the DfE Performance Table publications.

9. Funding Support Helpline – uniquely we include support with post-16 funding and funding data queries

These are all included in our Full Package for £549 +VAT per centre which is valid until mid-July 2023.  

Our packages run from August to July each year, with the Results Day Reporting available throughout the Autumn Term to allow for changes due to appeals etc.  Centres joining now will have access to the remainder of this year’s service, which will close on July 15th to allow for preparation for opening again on Results Day 2022.  We can provide training along with support and data upload checking to your data teams and teaching staff.

Producing our reports is straightforward and flexible to meet the range of data collections used by schools and colleges.  You only need a student profile table (most of which can be extracted from your MI system) and a results file, which will accept a wide range (including split and fine grades, alphanumeric and alpha/symbol) of values.

All reports are checked for acceptable data and an error log produced to ensure accuracy.