Consortium packages O/A: On application negotiated prices and solutions for consortia/academy chains/ and other collectives.

Oxford Analytics Level 3 reporting: Comprehensive analysis – and the only methodology using the complete national data sets and benchmarked in line with the new post-16 performance measures – with unique percentile and trend analyses.

Oxford Analytics Level 3 August Results Day Report: Benchmark your August results instantly (from as early as 8am the results day itself) against the latest national data to get a comprehensive overview of performance for the start of term.

Oxford Analytics Level 3 Final Validated Report: Validated final results analysis for your centre for completions in the last full year of data.

Re-runs: Number of times you can process and download a report via our Data Cloud.

August Results Day Report Re-Runs: You can re-run your data at any time (and as many times as you like) from the August results day itself  free of charge.

Final Validated Report – Downloads: while you can download as many times (including interactive subject charts) as you like, it is the validated national data so the data does not change.  From April each year, the validated national data takes precedent for the final report.

Support: Both technical and advisory help-desks by phone, email and support ticket. Mondays to Friday office hours. Includes access to our wider resources and training materials.

Outcomes Grades Analysis: A straightforward graphical system to show the range of outcomes from Level 3 courses, based on GCSE grades on entry and the full national cohort data. Can be used for both strategic comparisons and student support.

Mocks & Monitoring Reporting: Flexibility for centres to create mocks and monitoring reports benchmarked against national data and measures – free for full year partner schools

Supplementary Reporting: Flexibility for centres to run supplementary reports e.g SEN, Pupil Premium  – at no extra course.

Funding & Data Helpline: Phone or email support with sixth form funding and funding data queries – with a focus on supporting schools to achieve accurate, maximum funding.

Funding data reviews: the reviews are aimed at helping you uncover any omissions or errors in your data that may negatively impact funding.

Timings: Partner schools can access performance reports from 8am on the August results day.

VAT: all prices excl VAT

Interest /charges for late payment: please refer to your Oxford Analytics Invoice.

General subscription Terms

Subscriptions are not automatically rolled-over for any school. Accessing our reporting model and/or uploading data will re-active your current subscription,

Alterations to a subscription type must me made in writing.

Schools that access their Oxford Analytics data account and/or upload data to our system – automatically revert to their current/previous subscription. Please do not upload data and create reports unless you are aware of your subscription status. All data use must be paid for in full.

Purchase orders, if applicable, are the responsibility of the subscribing school.

Data Security

There are a number of features to our data security and data management policy that we draw your attention to in the following examples.

We subscribe to and the bulk of our work utilises data from open data sources. We compile, link and secure large national data sets on our Data Cloud and then use these to produce comprehensive analysis for our research, minimum grade generation and reports.

– When schools and colleges upload data to our Data Cloud it is wiped from our servers after the requisite report is generated. Unlike other reporting models, we do not retain any school’s data to create ‘subscriber datasets’ in order to conduct benchmarking etc.

Infrastructure: We use an EC2 Elastic Cloud with servers located in the UK. This affords us access to a state of the art, enterprise scale security environment.

Information Commissioner’s Office; We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office for the work described above. The ICO is the UK’s independent public body set up to protect personal information and to promote good practice in relation to data collation and use.