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In any one of the last 5 years, up to 50% of post-16 providers will have under-claimed funding due to data errors or omissions. In some cases this is over £100,000.

Full Year Sixth Form Funding Data Support Package.

For £499 + VAT your school will receive support across the year on all issues pertaining to your sixth form’s funding and the funding data used.  This will include:

  • Census and February Statement funding data checks
  • Access to four-years of comparative funding analysis & risk assessment
  • Access to our sixth form funding data helpline across the year
  • Sixth form business case support
  • 20% discount for Inset or training’

The aim of the package is to provide specialist support to reduce the risk of your sixth form under-claiming funding again via your data – and at a reasonable cost.

An error of only 0.07 % in the average school sixth form allocation is equivalent to £500

In the current budget climate, we believe this is a wise investment; and considerably less that equivalent consultancy or census validation support available.

[1]Funding data support does not include support, technical or otherwise, for your MI system/s which remain the responsibility of your MI supplier.  For our full terms and conditions, please visit www.oxfordanalytics.org

For more information contact funding@oxfordanalytics.org

Sixth Form Funding & Funding Data INSET

  • Diagnosis of issues in your data negatively impacting funding: current and historical.
  • In-school working sessions addressing issues leading to reduced funding and developing strategies to address those (Incl curriculum design, recruitment, retention and data recording).
  • Suitable for Head Teachers/Head of Sixth/Business Manager and Data/Exams Officers.
  • Modelled on our popular Sixth Form Funding & Funding Data Master Classes.

For more information contact funding@oxfordanalytics.org

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