Spring 2018 – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for Schools – Master Classes

From May 2018, significant changes to the use and storage of personal information come into effect with a new financial penalty regime.

Oxford Analytics is the largest provider of funding and data compliance support to schools across England. In response to GDPR, we have developed a tailored school support package to simplify the process and help schools adapt swiftly and at minimum cost.  This will draw on our experience as a data processor for over 600 schools and our extensive work on data protection in education settings.

We are hosting the above half-day training for London schools at St Matthew’s Conference Centre (Westminster).

site de rencontre gratuit 06130 Aims

The session will explore GDPR in the wider school context of cyber safety, safe guarding, data protection and funding compliance.
The training will provide schools with a firm knowledge of how to secure GDPR compliance in a time and cost effective way. As part of this, each delegate school will receive a school orientated guide with resources to secure whole school compliance – and avoid the most likely pitfalls. Who attends?

The event is only suitable for those colleagues working in a school setting, primary or secondary. This is not a generic GDPR course; nor is it technical IT training.  It focuses on policy and compliance and is suitable for key decision makers such as Head Teachers, Governors, business managers or SLT Leads.

dating website for 40 year olds General Data Protection Regulation enter (GDPR) Compliance for Schools – outline agenda 1. Understudying the risks and challenges for schools

  • Principles and background to GDPR.
  • The relationship to safe-guarding, data protection, cyber safety and funding compliance in schools.
  • Personal data and the rights of the data subject: privacy, consent and subject access requests.
  • Legal basis and financial penalties of GDPR – how realistic is a £100,000+ penalty.

rencontre abidjan femme 2. Culture and accountability – the whole school community and GDPR compliance

  • What, where and how is your school’s data processed – the data flow.
  • Identifying all processes that involve personal data.
  • The ‘hidden’ role of your staff as local data processors: from Head Teachers to Catering Managers. 3. Planning and implementing best practice in your school

  • Conducting a Data Protection Impact Assessment.
  • Updating your policies, procedures and documentation in line with GDPR, e.g. Privacy Notices.
  • Refreshing your risk management procedures.
  • Data breaches – what you must report, when, how and why.
  • Appointing a Data Protection Officer (DPO).
  • Managing relationships with third party suppliers.

At the end of the course you will have a clear understanding of what your school needs to do to become GDPR compliant and why. A resource pack with templates will be provided to support you at the training

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if you are dating a married man Locations, Dates & Times. London: Wednesday February 7th (1.00-3.30) St Matthew’s Conference Centre (Westminster) Map here Booking & Cost

* A complementary 10 working day follow-up is provided for queries and clarifications from delegates
* £175 per delegate + VAT.

A 10% ‘early bird’ discount is available for 1 + bookings before January 5th.
A 10% discount is available for 2+ booking from the same school.
All Oxford Analytics Full-Year Partner Schools automatically qualify for a 20% discount 1+ delegates.

Session Duration: 2.5 hours in TOTAL with break between parts 1&2.  (PM Sessions 1.00 – 3.30)

Online Booking

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